Our Party Trays

Guastello’s Village Market is the best place to get delicious trays of cheeses, meats, fruits, vegetables, drumsticks and more! Our deli experts are here to help you create the perfect menu for any special occasion. So whether you’re planning a sit-down mealĀ or feeding your Little League Team we’ve got what you need to make it just right!

Proudly featuring Boars Head Lunch Meats and Cheeses!

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All American Party Tray
The Refresher Party Tray
The Entertainer Party Tray
The Nibbler Party Tray
Seafare Delight Party Tray
Simple Pleasure Party Tray
Savory Sampler Party Tray
New York Choice Party Tray
Mediterranean Party Tray
The Little Leaguer Party Tray
Country Snackin' Party Tray
The Cheese Shop Party Tray